Fire Safety….    A Burning Issue

Fire safe gaskets are essential throughout the refining and petrochemical industries.  It’s important to know that should a fire ever break out, it will not be made dramatically worse by the rapid failure of a gasket releasing new supplies of flammable liquid.   

Given the shear lethality of HF Acid, what is important in the rest of the refinery is a matter of life and death in the alkylation unit.  When a fire breaks out, HF Acid must be safely contained.  Fire fighting is hazardous enough under the best conditions, but the addition of HF Acid could create a nightmare scenario.   

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Yarmouth Research and Technology

Yarmouth was contracted to perform the API 6FB Fire Safety test on the ALKY-ONE gasket.  This is an hour long test, in which the gasketed flange is exposed to direct flame (up to 1,700° F).  The flange itself must reach a temperature of 1,200° F, and must be held at this temperature for at least 18 minutes.  

Following cool-down, the flange is repressurized and tested for leaks.  The gasket is considered to have passed if the leakage rate upon repressurization is less than 25.6 ml/min.

When the ALKY-ONE was repressurized, its leakage measured 0 ml/min!