2015                       2019

In 2015, a mid-sized North American refinery that was undergoing a major upgrade to their HF Alkylation unit installed 3,119 ALKY-ONE gaskets in their hydrofluoric acid alkylation unit.

They chose the ALKY-ONE gasket for its ID-to-OD seal, and it’s ability to eliminate or reduce taper corrosion.  

The refiner instituted a 100% quality inspection program to ensure that proper protocols were followed at every flange.  

There were no leaks at start up!  

In 2019, a routine scheduled turnaround allowed them to open 1,320 of the flanges that utilized the ALKY-ONE gasket.  

A rigorous inspection of every flange was conducted to identify pitting, taper corrosion or scale deposits. Each flange was found to be in “great condition”, and no repair or replacements were required.

This 0% repair/replacement fraction is unprecedented, and sets a new expectation for sealing performance in an HF Alkylation unit.  

4-year, field-based test case


Zero leakage - Zero Flange Damage!

ALKY-ONE Gasket - after protecting the flanges for four years!

No flange corrosion, pitting or scale after four years of service with the ALKY-ONE gasket!