Congratulations.  Your paper, “Advancements in Gaskets for HF Acid Alkylation”, has been accepted by the NPRA Technical Committee for presentation at the 2012 Maintenance and Reliability Convention.  

Making the Case…

How does the ALKY-ONE differ from other gasket styles available for this critical service?  That’s what we set out to demonstrate in our technical paper, “Advancements in Gaskets for HF Acid Alkylation”.

Accepted by the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (NPRA) for presentation at their 2012 Maintenance and Reliability Convention, this paper explains the critical nature of HF Acid environments and surveys the gaskets that have traditionally been used for this service.  It explores the sealing problems that have plagued HF Acid Alkylation units, and demonstrates that they are a result of shortcomings in the design of current gaskets.

In a year-long research and development project, Advanced Sealing and David Reeves (Chevron, USA) established a menu of “ideal” characteristics for HF alky gaskets - drawing upon their years of experience solving difficult sealing applications.  Much trial, refinement and mathematical analysis resulted in the ALKY-ONE gasket, a gasket that is uniquely designed for HF Acid Alkylation.

Subsequent comparison testing to other gaskets confirms:

Download your copy today, and see how the ALKY-ONE™ gasket is specifically designed to reduce your flange replacement costs, reduce your leakage rate and enhance the safety of your workers.