Advanced Sealing ALKY-ONE Torque Card - Rev 9-12-13.pdf

Working in an HF Acid Unit is difficult at the best of times.  That’s why we made the ALKY-ONE™ gasket easy to install.

1.  Confirm that the flanges are undamaged, clean and properly aligned before installing the gasket.

2.  Spread the flanges to insert the ALKY-ONE gasket without damage to the barrier pillow.

3.  Use new studs when installing the ALKY-ONE gasket.

4.  Use a high-quality molybdenum anti-seize such as JetLube 550 Extreme.

5.  Use a clicker torque wrench.

6.  Finger-tighten all studs for alignment, then torque in even increments using a star-cross pattern.

7.  Use a flange gap tool to ensure even compression.

8. Tighten to the recommended value in our torque chart.

Using a tapered flange gap tool (such as the one shown below) at three points will ensure an even bolt-up. Misaligned flanges cannot be corrected by the gasket!

Flange gap tools are available from Advanced Sealing.