Installed new on 4/26/11, this Monel flange was still in new condition
22 months later when the ALKY-ONE gasket was removed on 2/14/13.  

The inset photo is of the ALKY-ONE gasket
that was removed, showing perfect
conformance to the machined flange surface.  

The opposing carbon steel flange had scale on its surface from previous exposure, as shown in this photo from 4/26/11.  This scale was left in place when the ALKY-ONE gasket was installed.

When the ALKY-ONE gasket was removed 22 months later, it showed an exact imprint of the flange scale, proving its ability to conform even to irregular surfaces.

When cleaned, the carbon steel flange had no signs of corrosion, showing that the ALKY-ONE gasket had effectively protected this less-than-perfect face.

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